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Onesixone Limited, "Onesixone", owns and runs, and the online components of the SoundSwitch application, collectively known as "Onesixone Websites”. Onesixone Websites are run on a number of servers leased by Onesixone and located in the USA, collectively "Onesixone Servers".

SoundSwitch Website Privacy Policy


  • During your use of Onesixone Websites, Onesixone collects assorted information about your specific website usage. Additionally, you may be asked to provide us with personally identifying information that enables us to provide you with website personalisation options and/or various online services.

  • This document describes what information we collect, when we collect it, what we use the information for and to whom we may disclose it. Onesixone may update this statement from time to time so you are encouraged to periodically revisit this page for the latest Onesixone Website Privacy Policy.

Who does this Privacy Policy apply to?

This privacy policy applies to anyone using Onesixone Websites. If you have entered into any other agreements with Onesixone, which set out further terms of your use of Onesixone Websites, then those terms will apply in addition to this Privacy Policy.

What information do we collect?

The information collected by Onesixone Websites can be broadly separated into two categories: 1) Non-Identifiable Information and 2) Personal Information.

Non-Identifiable Information

All usage activities on Onesixone Websites are subject to the collection of the following Non-Identifiable Information:

  • The date and time of your website activity
  • The URL address of web pages and other documents and files that you download
  • Your IP address
  • Your referral address (ie. the previous website location that you visited)
  • Your computer's operating system and the type of web browser you use.

This information is considered non-personal because it is not information about an identifiable individual.

Personal Information

  • Participation in certain Onesixone Websites services requires certain Personal Information from you. Information is considered personal because it is information about an identifiable individual.Examples of services requiring Personal Information include, signing up to our forum, making online product purchases and downloading certain content. The provision of Personal Information is left to your discretion. However, by not providing certain information we may be unable to provide you with certain services.
    If you use the "Facebook Connect" feature within our website, you give Onesixone permission to access personal details that you have provided to Facebook. This includes your name, country and email address.

  • This data is treated as outlined in the section below titled "What is your Personal Information used for?". Onesixone complies with Facebook's Platform Policy in order to provide this feature to our customers.
    Personal Information includes your description of yourself in the User Profile section of Onesixone Websites, any contact information you provide.
    Personal Information is only visible to yourself and to Onesixone employees and trusted third parties for the purposes of after sales support and ongoing product development.

A Note about Credit Card and Bank Account Information

Onesixone Servers never store highly sensitive bank account and credit card information. Purchases from Onesixone Websites that require the inputting of credit card information via a specialised accredited credit card payment service, Direct Payment Solutions (DPS), for the purposes of acquiring and processing credit card data. Additionally, purchases may also be completed securely via the PayPal payment system.

For further information about DPS please read their Privacy Policy and Legal Notice.
For further information about PayPal please read their Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

How is the information collected?

  • Non-Identifiable Information is collected via trusted parties including (but not limited to) Google Inc.'s Google Analytics web analysis service.

    Google Analytics uses "cookies", which are small text files stored on your computer that can identify your web usage patterns throughout our websites from one page visit to another. Google stores your usage information on their own servers and uses it to generate reports of activity on our websites.

    This information is made available to Onesixone and may also be used in reports provided to third parties at Google's discretion. Google may also provide this information to third parties if required to do so by law.

    Google may use data about your usage of Onesixone Websites to target advertising that is served to you on non-Onesixone websites. Onesixone Websites visitors can opt out of this level of data usage by configuring their Google Ad Settings.
  • Google also provide a tool to opt out of all Google Analytics-related data collection. The tool is available here.

    For further information on Google Analytics please read Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

    Personal Information is collected via web forms that require your direct input, and stored on Onesixone Servers. Ownership and control of all data provided to Onesixone Websites is covered in our Website Terms and Conditions. Onesixone Websites use their own cookie to "remember" you from one visit to another. This allows you to browse Onesixone Websites with the personalised functionality enabled via your Personal Information but without having to re-enter it each visit. The cookie itself contains no Personal Information - it simply provides a link between your web browser and your Personal Information stored on Onesixone Servers.

What is your Personal Information used for?

Your Personal Information may be used for the following purposes:

  • To enable us to provide you with website personalisation options and/or various online services.
  • To enable us to contact you. This contact may comprise ordinary business communication or may contain information about Onesixone or its websites, including promotional information.
  • For the purposes of after sales support and ongoing product development.
  • For the purposes of the maintenance, administration, and support of the Onesixone websites.
  • For the purposes of registering and authorizing your Onesixone software.
  • For the purposes of making purchases from Onesixone Websites.
  • For the purposes of otherwise operating Onesixone services or improving Onesixone products.

Disclosure of your Personal Information

Onesixone take your privacy very seriously and will undertake all reasonable measures to ensure that your Personal Information is stored securely and provided only tothird parties who, in Onesixone's view, share a similar high regard for personal privacy. However, we offer no guarantees that your Personal Information is safe from unauthorised access. Onesixone will only provide Personal Information to third parties for a purpose that is related to one of the purposes set out under the heading "What is your Personal Information Used For" above, or where otherwise authorised or required by law to do so. Onesixone may also releasePersonal Information when Onesixone considers it appropriate to do so for legal compliance and law enforcement, or to facilitate court proceedings.

Transfer of information to the US

As noted above the Onesixone Websites are run on a number of servers located in the US. Accordingly you consent to the transfer of your personal information to the United States of America.

Accessing your personal information

All Personal Information stored on Onesixone Servers may be viewed and edited by you at any time. Should you be unable to edit your Personal Information you should notify us and we will take reasonable steps to ensure that it is accurate, complete and up to date. Onesixone can, at their discretion, continue to store your Personal Information beyond such a time that you no longer wish to use Onesixone Websites, products or services. Retained Personal Information remains sub ject to all privacy policies as outlined in this webpage (as updated from time to time). Personal Information is retained for the purposes outlined in “What is Your Personal Information used for?”.

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