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Key SoundSwitch Information for Chauvet DJ Sales Team

What is SoundSwitch?

What is SoundSwitch?

What is SoundSwitch?

SoundSwitch is a software-hardware bundle that seamlessly integrates DJ software and DMX lighting. The software is a Digital Lighting Workstation (DLW) that allows DJs to create and perform their custom lighting shows in time with their music. The USB powered hardware unit provides the connection between the desktop software to the DMX lighting rig. SoundSwitch gives DJs the ability to create an immersive visual experience for their crowd.

Sales Pitch

1. SoundSwitch allows DJs to connect lighting and music. DJs can now create dynamic light shows that sync with the beatgrid in their DJ software.

2. DJs, or their lighting techs, can make light shows for as many or little songs as they like with non-scripted songs being handled by SoundSwitch's Autoloops feature. Autoloops are like lighting scenes but they are set out musically. They are always in time with the beatgrid and load automatically when the DJ plays a song that doesn't have a light show attached (i.e. there will always be a lighting show on display and on beat).

3. Sometimes DMX lighting can be daunting for DJs so SoundSwitch has made adding and programming DMX lights simple and intuitive. SoundSwitch's Edit Mode is set out like Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software like Ableton.

4. DJs don’t want to worry about lighting while they are focusing on mixing their music; SoundSwitch runs in the background while they perform. There is no need for another laptop or light control console as DJs can just plug the lights into the hardware which connects to the SoundSwitch software on their laptop. It allows DJs to elevate their live performance and provide a superior experience for their crowd.

Key SoundSwitch Talking Points

Key SoundSwitch Talking Points

Key SoundSwitch Talking Points

- SoundSwitch connects DMX lighting and DJ softwares

- You don’t have to script every song, SoundSwitch has Autoloops which are like lighting scenes but in a musical/beatgrid layout

- SoundSwitch's light fixture library is cloud based so new lights can be added to the library at any time!

- The master track and Autoloops will play across all the venue setups

- The SoundSwitch software is similar to music DAW software as it has a timeline and track layout, so it is intuitive for DJs

- SoundSwitch runs in the background while the DJ does what they do best

- Performance mode adjustments like pulling the record back or slowing the song tempo will be reflected in the lighting also; the lights will remain on the beat

- SoundSwitch has customer tutorial videos and help articles at


Software & Instore demo
Reseller software download (Including prescript songs, venue & Autoloops)

Scripted Track

In-store demo setup diagram w/ light fixtures addresses

Serato DJ Downloads
Serato DJ software download

Sales Pitch & Key Points PDF

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